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Powerful Features

Features that would make your life easier with WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Chat

The integrated WhatsApp chat feature in Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing mirrors the native WhatsApp interface, ensuring a seamless and familiar messaging experience for users.


Create instant or scheduled campaigns for all contacts or specific groups. This means you have the flexibility to reach out to your audience immediately or plan campaigns for optimal timing.

Manage Contacts

Effortlessly import and export contacts using XLSX format for easy contacts transfer along with Add/Edit functionality on interface.

Custom Fields

Personalize your messages with user base information and custom fields tailored to your audience on Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing.

Bot Replies / Chat Bot

Automate responses and engage customers 24/7 with intelligent bot replies through Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing.

Realtime Updates

Realtime message and campaign status updates to see your campaign & message performance


Emphasize that the product or service offers support for multiple languages, catering to a diverse audience worldwide.


To provide with instant visibility into the performance and status of their marketing campaigns.


AI Chat Bots

Vendors can create there chat flow using Flowise and integrate seamlessly.

Team Members/Agents

Delegate work by creating users with various permissions


Connect any service or scripts using available APIs

QR Code

QR code will be generated for WhatsApp phone number to connect users quickly

Built for Customer Engagements

a robust platform dedicated to optimizing every aspect of customer interaction. From seamless communication channels to personalized engagement strategies, Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing enables businesses to foster strong, lasting relationships with their customers while driving positive outcomes and growth


Simple and Clear Pricing Plans


$0.00 USD


$0.00 USD


+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges

  • 2 Contacts
  • 10 Campaigns Per Month
  • 10 Bot Replies
  • 2 Contact Custom Fields
  • 0 Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access

$20.00 USD


$199.00 USD


+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges

  • 15 Contacts
  • 10 Campaigns Per Month
  • 10 Bot Replies
  • 10 Contact Custom Fields
  • 10 Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access

$30.00 USD


$299.00 USD


+ WhatsApp Cloud Messaging Charges

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Campaigns Per Month
  • Unlimited Bot Replies
  • Unlimited Contact Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Team Members/Agents
  • AI Chat Bot
  • API Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing is easy and straightforward. Just visit our sign-up page, fill in your details, and follow the instructions to get started.
Yes, Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing supports importing contacts through XLSX files. You can easily upload your existing customer database and start sending messages right away.
Kristalium Whatsapp Marketing offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone. Our dedicated team is here to help you with any issues or questions you might have.